earthTV® Live Cloud

earthTV® Live Cloud powered by ETV Platform

earthTV® programs are produced based on the earthTV® Live Cloud designed and optimized to manage large volumes of live content and metadata in the cloud and based on this offer very sophisticated production and distribution automation as well as rights management.

earthTV® Live Cloud powered by ETV Platform

The ETV Platform in a nutshell:

  • ETV Platform, first version released in 2019, is a sophisticated content management system designed for professional broadcasters, enabling seamless live video application management, content distribution, and advanced search functionality.
  • The Software Philosophy incorporates design for error, robustness, simplicity, and adaptability.
  • The platform’s design and infrastructure cater to the needs of modern broadcasters, ensuring scalability, advanced search capabilities, and a robust framework for video content management and distribution.
  • B2B solution for real-time video content trade, enrichment, and distribution.
  • Automated production processes with a modern user experience.
  • Follows the twelve-factor app methodology.
  • Emphasizes performance, security, and global accessibility with a microservice infrastructure.
  • Central message bus, scalability across regions, and deployment in various data centers.
  • Key services include Accounts, Users, and Roles management, and advanced Content and Distribution capabilities.
  • API Python Client for programmatic platform interaction.
  • Key microservices for backend operations: User and Account Management, Media Metadata Handling, and Authentication.
  • Advanced monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, and logging with Loki.
  • Emphasizes scalability and disaster recovery.
  • Vue.js framework for dynamic Webapp user experience.
  • Migration Service for data synchronization between legacy systems.
  • Wowza Conductor for live streaming management.
  • Ansible for deployment automation.
  • Container orchestration across data centers.

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