earthTV® Program Systems

Multi-source live program production systems

The earthTV® Program System is a software designed to produce multi-source broadcast programs based on unlimited amounts of (camera) video or live stream sources. While produced, the programs are delivered in real-time as ready-to-air linear live video signals to clients or displays by means of hardware such as the earthTV® Program Servers. 

The software (also called “Show Generator”) is designed to constantly search all available live video sources and edit these sources, live in a logical order along advanced filter criteria and priorities, and enrich this with dynamic location or live event information and visual elements.

The earthTV® Program Server is designed to receive earthTV® content from the earthTV® Live Cloud via internet, produce and broadcast camera, data and visual programs as a live signal via HD SDI or HDMI output. Besides distributing the programs, the earthTV® Program Servers is also capable of automatically preparing and inserting local content and executing failsafe routines in order to avoid an interrupting signal while being on-air.

The philosophy behind the earthTV® Program System is the understanding that the world is linear and the viewer wants to follow events in the same linear way as the world unfolds, especially when there are millions of simultaneous live sources they can not view and select themselves.

Today the earthTV® Program System operates in the cloud and/or locally and comes with a variety of playout technologies. Beyond the on-premises HDMI earthTV® Program Servers, earthTV® also offers a Webplayer, Video Wall players for hotels and a simple Android TV Playout Application.

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