earthTV® Camera Systems

Fully automated cameras

Designed with the high expectations of earthTV® Program clients in mind, the value proposition of all earthTV® Camera Systems are to provide the highest possible professional broadcast video quality for the lowest possible acquisition and maintenance costs.

To deliver this promise, all earthTV® Camera Systems are designed to produce content in an automated way without the need for human camera operators nor human editors to control the cameras, but rather have experienced camera creatives become the teacher and trainer of a more automated system. 

Once installed and trajectories (camera movements) and image settings are set up, the earthTV® Camera Systems can operate fully automated, based on a pre-defined schedule and dynamic data such as time and the sun’s position.

The earthTV® Camera systems are powered by a modular software stack optimized to work with the earthTV® Live Cloud and depending on the camera model, can include the management of the Camera Unit movements, chip and visual settings etc., earthTV® ‘s unique in-camera motion time-lapse production, simultaneous video recording and live streaming management and technical location and visual environment data.

Furthermore, the earthTV® Camera Management software manages manual and automated remote service and maintenance including restarts and software updates or changes and content transmission and confirmation to the earthTV® Live Cloud, as well as security settings such as firewall, VPN etc.

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