Introducing new earthTV® Live Cloud

earthTV‘s new version professional application

earthTV®‘s new professional application and API “Live Cloud”, powered by the latest ETV Platform technology, is another innovative move to support the scalability and coordination of ever-expanding worldwide live camera networks and professional media publishers.

As an intersection of quality live content Users and Contributors, the earthTV® Live Cloud leverages the benefits for both networks. The application features a global network of live cameras (from both Contributor and high-quality earthTV® owned cameras), with an array of single camera and multi-camera program livestreams. These are presented in a dynamic user-friendly way – on-demand, with convenient pay-per-use individualised pricing – showcased to earthTV’s growing international broadcasting partners and media publishers.

By providing a professional, sustainable and user-friendly platform, earthTV® connects the world – through all its events – with authentic live content.

Benefiting Content Users

TV broadcasters and digital platform partners are able to preview the world live through the earthTV® Live Cloud first, and explore on-demand the various single camera and multi-camera program livestreams on offer. They can then easily purchase content on a pay-per-use license, knowing that they are getting only what they need at the very best price for the highest quality of delivery and result. Special program streams are produced regularly for global events, news, weather, tourism, observations or celebrations.

Benefiting Content Contributors

Live camera owners are able to promote or monetize their live content, through an easy integration process onto the earthTV® Live Cloud. After a quality control check by earthTV’s experts, and once onboard, they can leverage the reach of earthTV’s global network of media publishers. Destinations can market themselves through earthTV’s camera leasing and installation offers, to also join the network.

Quality streams may be selected for production into earthTV’s sought after automated programs. Media partners trust the quality live content and reliability of earthTV’s content to enhance their channel or digital platform.

Access earthTV® Live Cloud as client here

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