Lohmann Technology acquired all shares in earthTV®

Lohmann Technology acquires all shares in earthTV®, following the successful development and implementation of the new earthTV® system and business model. Lohmann Technology GmbH has completed the acquisition of all shares in earthTV® network GmbH, the parent company of brands such as earthTV®, ETN (Earth Television Network), and earthtv.com.

This acquisition comes on the heels of the successful development and implementation of the new earthTV® technology platform and business model. It marks the beginning of preparations to integrate earthTV® into a new, larger structure, aimed at achieving global scale and fostering growth.

In light of this acquisition, earthTV® is set to relocate its administration from Düsseldorf to the new headquarters in Berlin-Mitte, Germany. This strategic relocation underscores the commitment to centralizing operations and enhancing collaboration within the heart of the country. Furthermore, the developers’ hub will transition from Berlin Stralauer Allee to Berlin Mitte, Germany, aligning teams and resources for improved efficiency and synergy. These strategic moves are anticipated to bolster earthTV®’s capacity to innovate and deliver exceptional experiences to its global audience.

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