Introduction of on-demand Camera Cloud

All camera sources made available for on-demand use through earthTV® Camera Cloud

With the earthTV® Camera Cloud earthTV® offers news desks, weather desks and short form programming buyers a professional web application to search, find and download continuously updated clean feed content.

Berlin based earthTV®, a digital production company specialized in the capture and storage of images from around the world, will be attending News Exchange for the first time this October offering the news industry not only full access to the earthTV® Camera Cloud, but first time in the earthTV history offering 200 selected external Ski and Weather Webcams from the earthTV platform.

earthTV® operates a fleet of Full HD broadcast cameras operating 24/7 in 26 countries permanently installed at iconic locations around the globe. For the upcoming winter season earthTV® has signed agreements with over 200 Ski and Weather webcams across Europe and the USA, also fully integrated into the earthTV eco system for clients who want to “spice up” their earthTV® content.

New for News Xchange 2015: The earthTV® Camera Cloud offers access to constantly recorded high-res videos from all earthTV® cameras. The videos are tagged with metadata* that ensures impressive picture quality, video content, weather and location information. The images are transformed into customized programs via earthTV®’s “Program System» and translated into several languages for easy integration into professional broadcast workflows as well as automated consumer applications. They are adaptable to any channel design identity.

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