HD upgrade with extreme environment camera

earthTV® had initiated the development of a new extreme environment HD camera end of 2012, the first camera of the earthTV® camera network was successfully upgraded to HD this spring, all other cameras should follow the next months.

Focused on highest quality

The HD upgrade is part of the new approach to focus earthTV® again on the highest possible broadcast quality in the most extreme environments and conditions worldwide.

“Unlike other webcam companies who focus on low cost technology and large quantity camera networks, our focus is premium content. we want to offer the professional media industry the best possible image quality broadcasted over the internet from selected top locations” said Nikolaus Lohmann. “With our approach we want to connect the reach of the traditional TV world with the engagement of online media.”

In-house handcrafted technology

The new HD camera is fully developed, manufactured, assembled and serviced in earthTV‘s camera workshop in Germany. The HD camera consists of an outdoor camera head and an indoor camera server.

The camera head allows 20x optical zoom, 360-degree pans, and 1/1,000 degree positioning precision allowing full operations up to 200 km/h wind speeds. The camera head has an A/C build in operating temperature ranging from -30 degrees to +60 degrees celsius and humidity 5-95%. Other features include heavy duty all-weather housing and electromagnetic-wave sheltering.

The camera server is equipped with earthTV‘s proprietary camera control and video management software being able to work and operate automated once set up. Depending on the connectivity requirements of each camera locations, the HD camera can deliver up to full HD (1080) LIVE broadcasting signal.

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